Living together in the city

More housing is being built on less space – a move to densify our towns and cities that is driven by many factors: scarcity of land and its increased value are of significant impact but there is also an environmental imperative driving more compact forms of living. Of course, there is a perception that high-density living comes with disadvantages, from lack of privacy to lack of community spirit. Yet there are strategies that can make high-density housing kinder, more neighbourly. Read more

Book / Citymakers: What we leave behind

The climate emergency demands we retain much more of our urban fabric rather than build anew. Here we explore ways of approaching the often awkward urban inheritance of the 20th century.

Talk / Wilson Lecture 2023

On urban fabric: how did we lose it, and do we still need it?

Research / Fabric of PlaceDensity and its virtues

Density and its virtues: what is our residential footprint?

Research / Fabric of PlaceEminent Ground: tall buildings in the city

Eminent Ground: tall buildings in the city

Book / Citymakers: A new Urban Model

Msheireb Downtown Doha has sought to engage with a growing Gulf city's local climate and culture. To better appreciate it, we explored it as a case study in urban change.

Research / SustainabilityPassivtower: a sustainable solution for the high-density city?

Passivtower: a sustainable housing solution for the high density city?

Research / Fabric of PlaceOn public, private and communal space

On public, private and communal space