Living together in the city

More housing is being built on less space – a move to densify our towns and cities that is driven by many factors: scarcity of land and its increased value are of significant impact but there is also an environmental imperative driving more compact forms of living. Of course, there is a perception that high-density living comes with disadvantages, from lack of privacy to lack of community spirit. Yet there are strategies that can make high-density housing kinder, more neighbourly. Read more

Book / Citymakers: A new Urban Model

Msheireb Downtown Doha has sought to engage with a growing Gulf city's local climate and culture. To better appreciate it, we explored it as a case study in urban change.

Talk / Citymakers - Pragmatics of The Picturesque: As found, as needed, as experienced

How does the romanticisim of the picturesque fair when faced with the harsh reality of a Victorian sewer line?

Research / Fabric of PlaceEminent Ground: tall buildings in the city

Eminent Ground: tall buildings in the city

Research / Fabric of PlaceOn public, private and communal space

On public, private and communal space