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Citymakers: A new Urban Model

Msheireb Downtown Doha has sought to engage with a growing Gulf city's local climate and culture. To better appreciate it, we explored it as a case study in urban change.

Not just a redevelopment project, Msheireb is an urban initiative. It has national, regional and global resonances, a response to its backdrop: a region of cities undergoing significant urban expansion characterised by sprawl, fuelled by the automobile and anxious to modernise. In contrast, the Msheireb masterplan set out to create a walkable, well-connected place that draws heavily on vernacular themes and sustainable aspirations.

What are the ideas that drove the creation of the project in the first place? How was its distinctly ‘Qatari’ urban character crafted? How did nine practices work together to design its buildings? How was a project of such complexity delivered? And as Msheireb begins to open, what early lessons are apparent?

Over five virtual seminars in November and December 2020, these questions were interrogated and debated. This publication is the product of those discussions, the second instalment in our Citymakers annual.

You can read the publication online here.

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