Crafting urban identities

From London and Manchester to the cities of the Gulf and Asia, dramatically changing skylines are a clear testament to the scale and ambition of redevelopment and expansion that our urban areas are currently undergoing. Yet despite this geographic diversity, much of what is being built looks the same. How can we counter generic development in the design of growing cities? Read more

Talk / 7 x 7 - ideas and outcomes in the heart of Doha

Which principles underpin a culturally and climate-appropriate model of urban development in the Gulf?

Talk / A History of White City

White City is a changing part of London. How did it come to be and how might it evolve in the future?

Research / Madinat al IrfanWhy urban design codes?

Why urban design codes? The role these technical instructions can play in generating positive social outcomes.

Talk / Dissecting the new London Plan

What do practitioners need to know about implementing the new London Plan?

Research / Madinat al IrfanA city of bridges

City of Bridges: What may seem a romantic urban design response is anything but. It is intensely rational.