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Citymakers: Exploring Models of Urban Development

To understand how new pieces of city emerge (or how existing ones evolve), we went back to study three models of urban development.

First, what are the primary catalysts driving urban development? Second, to what extent do neighbourhoods emerge organically, of their own accord? Finally, it is possible to curate and control the quality of such places in the long-term through planning and design?

Each of these questions imply distinct yet interrelated approaches to city making. We have identified these as the catalytic, organic and curated models of urban development, exemplified by the Olympic Park, Bankside and King's Cross respectively. These three distinct examples across London also illustrate that in each case, the process of urban change is unique. No two masterplans are the same. Different forces are at play. Different actors. Different conditions.

These questions were explored over three evenings at our studios in Southwark in the autumn 2019. This publication is the product of those lively debates and discussions.

You can read the publication online here.

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