1. Book / Citymakers: City Knowledge, Knowledge City

    A centuries old relationship; knowledge production and the city. Here we explore the different forms that marriage takes in three cities today, and how the dynamic is evolving.

  2. Research / Sustainability Material passports

    Passport to a circular future? Rethinking the value proposition of BIM and data collection across a building’s lifetime.

  3. Research / Sustainability Sustainability

    The role and nature of natural materials: how to grow their application at scale, and to extend our understanding of what comprises a viable building material.

  4. Book / Citymakers: What we leave behind

    The climate emergency demands we retain much more of our urban fabric rather than build anew. Here we explore ways of approaching the often awkward urban inheritance of the 20th century.

  5. Research / London’s Olympic Legacy East Bank Exhibition

    East Bank is opening. At the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the project is the UK’s newest cultural quarter. To mark this milestone, Allies and Morrison has curated a new public exhibition.

  6. Research / Making Barbican Centre: Grain and Scale

    The design and making of Barbican Centre: Grain and Scale. The experience of representing a project yet to be, and of experimentation and abstraction in architectural model-making.

  7. Research / Universities as urban catalysts Urban opportunism and higher education

    Urban opportunism and higher education: How has one urban university, across multiple sites in London, evolved as both a patron of architecture and a participant in urban regeneration?

  8. Book / Complex City

    Complex City is a detailed mapping of London’s historic layers, emerging from our work in characterisation studies. The book puts forward a new argument for character-based development.