1. Book / Citymakers: Pragmatics of the Picturesque

    The Picturesque has come to influence how we look at and respond to the city. We investigate what the picturesque is, as both a theory of historic origins and as a practical design tool for urbanists

  2. Research / Sustainability Upfront Carbon

    Getting upfront with embodied carbon: a tool to empower designers at the beginning of building projects

  3. Research / Sustainability Sustainability Strategy

    The climate emergency demands a paradigm shift in our everyday lives. This is why we have developed our Sustainability Strategy to underpin what we do and inform how we design.

  4. Book / Citymakers: A new Urban Model

    Msheireb Downtown Doha has sought to engage with a growing Gulf city's local climate and culture. To better appreciate it, we explored it as a case study in urban change.

  5. Research / Fabric of Place Density and its virtues

    Density and its virtues: what is our residential footprint?

  6. Research / Fabric of Place Eminent Ground: tall buildings in the city

    Eminent Ground: tall buildings in the city

  7. Research / Sustainability Passivtower: a sustainable solution for the high-density city?

    Passivtower: a sustainable housing solution for the high density city?

  8. Book / Complex City

    Complex City is a detailed mapping of London’s historic layers, emerging from our work in characterisation studies. The book puts forward a new argument for character-based development.