/ Dissecting the new London Plan

What do practitioners need to know about implementing the new London Plan?

by Artur Carulla

NLA, the centre for London's Built Environment, invited Artur Carulla to present key points practitioners need to know to implement elements of the new London Plan. Held at The Building Centre, the half day conference presented key policy aspects that the industry will need to consider for their future practice.

After a welcome from the NLA's Peter Murray and introduction by Lisa Fairmaner, Head of the London Plan and Growth Strategies at the Greater London Authority, Artur kicked off the first session of the day.

Artur shared our research on London’s characterisation and density as an evidence base for a consultative design-led approach that could optimise site capacity while respecting urban character. A discussion continued with Ben Derbyshire (HTA Design), Liz Smith (Purcell), Natalie Thomson (Buckley Gray Yeoman) and Clare Richards (ft’work).