/ Building on Tradition: A new language of Qatari architecture

What steps have guided the development of a compact piece of city in the heart of Doha?

by Simon Gathercole

On 27th June, Msheireb Properties launched the publication of a new book, Building on Tradition: A New Language of Qatari Architecture. This book explores the seven principles developed by the masterplan team for Msheireb Downtown Doha, a 31-hectare compact piece of city in the heart of Doha.

At an event at the RIBA hosted by Msheireb Properties, Simon Gathercole joined a panel discussion that brought together three of the other architects who have designed some of the more than 100 buildings on the site – Mossessian Architecture, Eric Parry Architects and John McAslan + Partners. Simon reflected on the seven principles with seven observations derived from recent visits to the project ranging from the remarkable consistency of the buildings to the delightful walkability the project allows in a hot desert climate.

Allies and Morrison has been involved in the development of Msheireb Downtown Doha as both ‘architectural voice’ within the masterplan team and as design architect of more than 30 buildings across the development. A subsidiary of the Qatar Foundation, Msheireb Properties is a real estate development company founded to support the Foundation’s aims to create a sustainable urban core for Doha.