Urbanising infrastructure

Infrastructure leaves a footprint. Often, that can be good; yet just as often, the result can be too much of a good thing. Consider the historic legacy left by train lines, or highways, in many cities. They may have dutifully fulfilled their primary role of moving people around, yet they often created fault lines in the urban fabric, dividing neighbourhoods. Can we re-stitch and repair the divides they have left decades later? Read more

Talk / Citymakers: Organic

In the absence of any formal plan, how do neighbourhoods manage growth and accommodate change?

Research / SustainabilitySustainability Strategy

The climate emergency demands a paradigm shift in our everyday lives. This is why we have developed our Sustainability Strategy to underpin what we do and inform how we design.

Talk / Shougang Forum, Beijing

There are many different models of urban change occurring in London. How do they compare?