/ Shougang Forum, Beijing

There are many different models of urban change occurring in London. How do they compare?

by Artur Carulla

Artur Carulla presented on the transformation of post-industrial neighbourhoods as part of the Shougang Forum. Organised by the Architectural Society of China, the forum was held in one of Beijing’s largest ex-industrial spaces on the western edge of the city. The forum explored options for its redevelopment and revitalisation as a new productive piece of city. Different proposals for the vacated site are currently being put forward as part of the preparation for the city’s hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Artur presented the case studies of three major masterplans in London - the transformation of Bankside, King's Cross and the Olympic Legacy - illustrating how the city is able to accommodate different models of development: from the bottom up to the carefully managed to the public-sector driven.

While in Beijing, Artur also gave a studio lecture at Turenscape, the landscape and urbanism practice.