1. Talk / Citymakers: Five days in Msheireb

    Msheireb Downtown Doha is a new, compact, walkable neighbourhood knit together by naturally cooled streets and built at a human scale.

  2. Talk / Which principles underpin a culturally and climate-appropriate model of urban development in the Gulf?

    Now largely built and coming into its own as a new urban centre, Msheireb Downtown Doha has been an opportunity to examine and deliver a culturally and climate-appropriate model of urban development.

  3. Talk / What ideas have emerged and contributed to the evolution of Allies and Morrison as a practice?

    Bob Allies shares the implicit and underlying ideas that we, as a practice, have evolved together over the years.

  4. Talk / A History of White City

    White City is a changing part of London. How did it come to be and how might it evolve in the future?

  5. Talk / Cambridge Construction Forum

    What to make of a once in a lifetime opportunity for both the city and university?

  6. Talk / Experiencing Density: Report launch

    What is life like in London's new high density housing?

  7. Talk / Dissecting the new London Plan

    What do practitioners need to know about implementing the new London Plan?

  8. Talk / UN World Urban Forum

    Both climate change adaptation and mitigation are essential. What urban design strategies can best help?

  9. Talk / LETI launch

    What are the tools needed to design and build a zero-carbon development?

  10. Talk / Geography and Identity: Designing for emerging cities

    How are urban concepts and practices responding to rapidly urbanising societies?