Universities as urban catalysts

Globally minded educational and cultural institutions are local actors too, able to shape the social and physical fabric of the communities they call home. They can power and unlock significant regeneration, taking on the roles of developer, patron and urban citizen. A resilient neighbourhood can also provide an institution with the vital urban soup that can nourish its own people and programme. So how can we use design to nurture this valuable reciprocity between university and city? Read more

Talk / Citymakers 2023

How is the dynamic between knowledge production and city renewal changing?

Talk / Architecture and science in dialogue - Designing Imperial College White City

What are the key ingredients needed to design a new university campus at the cutting edge of scientific research?

Research / London’s Olympic LegacyEast Bank Exhibition

East Bank is opening. At the heart of Queen Elizabeth Park, the project is the UK’s newest cultural quarter. To mark this milestone, Allies and Morrison has curated a new public exhibition.

Research / Universities as urban catalystsUrban opportunism and higher education

Urban opportunism and higher education: How has one urban university, across multiple sites in London, evolved as both a patron of architecture and a participant in urban regeneration?

Talk / A History of White City

White City is a changing part of London. How did it come to be and how might it evolve in the future?

Talk / Cambridge Construction Forum

What to make of a once in a lifetime opportunity for both the city and university?

Talk / Happiness in the city

Is more cultural regeneration the key to urban happiness?