/ 7 x 7 - ideas and outcomes in the heart of Doha

Which principles underpin a culturally and climate-appropriate model of urban development in the Gulf?

by Simon Gathercole

Under the title ‘7 x 7 - Ideas and outcomes in the heart of Doha,’ Simon Gathercole explored our work and involvement with the Msheireb Downtown masterplan in Doha. His talk was part of an ongoing series we are hosting internally while working from home during the Covid lockdown.

Set on the peninsula of Qatar, Doha has rapidly transformed from a coastal fishing village into a large, sprawling city, echoing the growth of other cities in the Gulf. Msheireb is a strategic project to create a compact, mixed neighbourhood crossed by narrow lanes and rich in public and private open spaces to bring Qataris and visitors alike back into the city centre.

Simon Gathercole, who spent several years working in Doha on the project, outlines the seven principles that guided the masterplan’s design development. He reflects on the discussions of early site visits and workshops in 2008-09 and revisits the project today to demonstrate the outcomes of those principles. The presentation shares new photography we commissioned by Hufton+Crow in 2020.