/ Cambridge Construction Forum

What to make of a once in a lifetime opportunity for both the city and university?

by Max Kettenacker

The Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry invited Max Kettenacker to speak about our masterplan for the Old Press/Mill Lane site. Max, who leads the redevelopment in the heart of Cambridge introduced the masterplan, while representatives of Haworth Tompkins and Max Fordham provided a more detailed insight into proposals for the Southern half of the site.

Starting off the evening, Max guided the audience through a series of visualisations and ideas that portrayed the site as a home for academic organisations with new places to meet and improvements of the public realm for pedestrians and cyclists. Central to the proposal is the revitalisation of the riverfront with a new public space to enjoy it.

Following this, Joel Gustaffson, Principal Engineer at Max Fordham spoke about sustainability challenges encountered on the project and Beatie Blakemore, Associate at Haworth Tompkins rounded off the conversation by speaking about Stuart House and the intention to create some good quality space around it.