Jane Manning

Jane studied Geography at the University of Liverpool and has a Masters in Urban Design from Westminster University. She joined Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners in 2006, with previous experience as an environmental planner and in urban design.


Jane has led the production of a series of high profile masterplans including large scale visions and masterplans for a number of London’s Opportunity Areas including the Old Kent Road and Leyton and Lea Bridge in the Lea Valley. She has extensive experience in masterplanning, urban design and sustainability advice at a variety of scales from the strategic to the site specific. Jane has prepared a range of town centre strategies in and outside London including Brixton, Edmonton Green, Camberley and Maldon and Heybridge.  She is currently preparing a masterplan for Windsor and a town centre strategy for the new town of Northstowe.

Jane recently won an RIBA Research Award for the work she led on London’s character and density for Historic London. She sites on the Urban Design Editorial Board and has held a number of advisory roles including as a member of the TCPA’s Policy Council and Zero Carbon Task Team.