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Complex City

Complex City is a detailed mapping of London’s historic layers, emerging from our work in characterisation studies. The book puts forward a new argument for character-based development.

Published by RIBA, Complex City: London's Changing Character is a biography of how a major world city came to be and builds upon the London Local Character and Density study we undertook for Historic England. The project, which was awarded an RIBA President's Award for Research, has been expanded to create a new publication - part story, part atlas - that is a detailed study of London's complexity.

Using extensive mapping and documentary photography, Complex City makes a compelling case for a finer grain understanding of density as an essential ingredient in accommodating growth responsibly. From the ancient Roman core to the legacies of the Georgians, Victorians and the 20th Century, each character area is detailed, exploring the qualities and sustainable development potential of each. The book concludes with recommendations for any local authority or city in the UK or abroad, which is facing the dual dilemma of accommodating growth and preserving local character. For design and planning professionals developing the key concept stages of a project, it's a valuable reference tool to inform site analyses. For map lovers and those fascinated by London, it is a must-read.

230 x 280 mm
Jane Manning, Antony Rifkin, Daniel Elsea, Lionel Eid, George Garofalakis
RIBA Publishing
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