/ Citymakers: Five days in Msheireb

Msheireb Downtown Doha is a new, compact, walkable neighbourhood knit together by naturally cooled streets and built at a human scale.

Set in the heart of Qatar's capital city, there are more than 100 contemporary buildings, each distinct yet all expressing a shared architectural language rooted in the local culture and climate.

One of the largest projects we have been involved with as a practice, we have presented a series of five online seminars exploring it as it reaches completion. Across sessions over five Thursdays, we revisited the project's genesis and its masterplan, visited its buildings, uncovered how it was delivered and debated what lessons can be learned.

Moderated by Paul Finch, speakers included key individuals in the development of the project as well as new voices. Each session lasted 1 to 1.5 hours.

Day one: Msheireb - the idea with Fatima Fawzy, Simon Gathercole, Ian Gardner, Kevin Underwood and Salma Samar Damluji, Thursday, 05 November, 5:30pm GMT

Day two: Defining the character with Tim Makower, Rosanna Law, Clare Melhuish, Peter Lau and Rami el Samahy, Thursday, 12 November, 5:30pm GMT

Day three: Designing the buildings with Graham Morrison, Michael Webb, Olga Gomez, Ada Yvars Bravo, Robert Kennett, Michel Mossessian, Simon Gathercole, Duncan Swinhoe and Fanos Panayides, Thursday, 19 November, 5:30pm GMT

Day four: Making it happen with Sebastian Spengler, Patrick Baldwin, Michel Mossessian, Helen Logan, Anna Strongman, Lisa Cholmondeley and Hina Farooqi, Thursday, 26 November, 5:30pm GMT

Day five: Lessons from Msheireb roundtable discussion with Ricky Burdett, Peter Oborn, Laura Petrella, Ali A Alraouf, Tim Makower, Bassam Al Mannai, Rami El Semahy, Helen Logan, Sarah Prichard and Simon Gathercole and Graham Morrison, Thursday, 3 December, 6:30pm GMT

Organised by our Masterplanning Group, each year Citymakers brings together developers, planners, academics, journalists and collaborators to look beyond the boundaries between practitioners and the public; between site and the city; between spaces and society.