The landscape

When designing in urban settings, we are often concerned with how new buildings will shape their surroundings, whether they can facilitate circulation, improve access, how they will impact the neighbours or how facades will contribute to the rhythm of the streetscape. In doing this, we look at the heritage of a place, the materiality, character, scale of the surroundings to help shape our response. Yet what are we to do when there is no urbanity to respond to? We look to the landscape. Read more

Book / Citymakers: Pragmatics of the Picturesque

The Picturesque has come to influence how we look at and respond to the city. We investigate what the picturesque is, as both a theory of historic origins and as a practical design tool for urbanists.

Talk / Citymakers - What we leave behind, Urban Legacies: Inheritance

What do we leave behind? Well, just about everything.

Talk / Citymakers - Pragmatics of The Picturesque: As found, as needed, as experienced

How does the romanticisim of the picturesque fair when faced with the harsh reality of a Victorian sewer line?