Andrea Tse

Andrea graduated with honours from the University of Aukland. She joined Allies and Morrison in 2013.

Andrea has experience in a variety of sectors including hospitality, residential, healthcare and education, designing and delivering large-scale complex projects across a range of procurement types and at all stages of design and construction process.

Andrea’s previous projects have included elements of new build, extension, refurbishment, conservation, phased handovers and staggered occupation. She has valuable experience in developing and co-ordinating strategies for health & safety, cleaning & maintenance, anti-terrorism, security, sustainability (LEED and BREEAM) and general design compliance, as well as integrating consultant and subcontractor design information into architectural workstreams without compromising quality.

Since joining Allies and Morrison, Andrea has been working on The International Quarter, a large scale residential development in London, in the Project Architect role from Stage C, maintaining an overview on the design as it develops with a focus on design co-ordination and compliance.