Andrea Tse

Associate Director

Andrea has experience in a variety of sectors including education, commercial, masterplanning, residential, healthcare and hospitality, designing and delivering large-scale complex projects across a range of procurement types and at all stages of design and construction process. She enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems with multidisciplinary teams whilst working with the intellectual rigour of our design process.

Andrea worked on The International Quarter, a largescale residential development in London, the project architect role from Stage C, maintaining an overview on the design as it developed with a focus on design co-ordination and compliance. She is currently project architect for Imperial College London's new White City Campus masterplan and played an integral role in the development of the design brief. She led extensive consultation with the College, academics, researchers, students and a range of client bodies throughout this process and has worked to develop a flexible framework for the College to build out over the next twenty years.

Andrea is from Auckland, New Zealand and is a graduate of the University of Auckland. She then moved to London, attracted by the diversity of the people, places and built fabric as well as the phenomenal scale of opportunity and the exhilarating and unique pace of change.