1. Talk / Passive's about time

    How can progressive environmental performance be designed and delivered to stand the test of time within a sensitive historic context?

  2. Talk / Citymakers - Five Days in Msheireb: Lessons from Msheireb

    What lessons can be learned from a new sustainable project at the heart of a growing Gulf City?

  3. Talk / Citymakers - Five Days in Msheireb: Making it Happen

    What does it take to build a complex, 31-hectare sustainable urban development project?

  4. Talk / Citymakers - Five Days in Msheireb: Designing the Buildings

    How do nine practices authoring one hundred different buildings within one masterplan design together?

  5. Talk / Citymakers - Five Days in Msheireb: Defining the character

    What steps were taken to help give a new heart of Doha a sense of place?

  6. Talk / Citymakers - Five Days in Msheireb: The Idea

    Is there a place for tradition and modernity to coexist in new urban development?

  7. Talk / Planning Utopia: Ebenezer Howard to Post-Covid via Harlow

    The utopic vision of the Garden City is as much a spatial idea as a social one. Could it hold valuable lessons for how we plan communities in light of the Covid-19 pandemic?

  8. Talk / 7 x 7 - ideas and outcomes in the heart of Doha

    Which principles underpin a culturally and climate-appropriate model of urban development in the Gulf?

  9. Talk / Seeds and fruit

    What ideas have emerged and contributed to the evolution of Allies and Morrison as a practice?

  10. Talk / A History of White City

    White City is a changing part of London. How did it come to be and how might it evolve in the future?