New Appointment: Future Shoreditch 2017

Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners has recently been appointed by the London Borough of Hackney to help formulate a new planning strategy for Shoreditch. The practice will support the council’s development of an Area Action Plan (AAP) – Future Shoreditch – which will guide and manage development and investment in the neighbourhood. The work will set out a vision of what Shoreditch will look like in 2034.

Shoreditch is one of London’s most vibrant places and is a well established hotspot for the capital’s creative life with an international reputation as an urban trend-setter. Much of its success is owed to the flexibility and adaptability of its rich stock of historic buildings, which have been creatively used and adopted over the years. Tech, arts and fashion have all found a home in Shoreditch, and so have over 7,000 local residents – a number which is set to increase. The proposals being developed aim to preserve the unique character that have made Shoreditch so special while accommodating anticipated growth in the years and decades ahead, ensuring that the neighbourhood benefits from its city fringe location.

Future Shoreditch is being formulated in consultation with local traders, employers, employees, residents and visitors. The draft Plan is due to issued in the Summer of 2018.