Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners was commissioned by Guildford Borough Council in 2014 to produce the Guildford Town Centre Vision which will form part of the local plan.

This high profile project will set out a long term vision for the town centre and how it can be improved with a focus on the River Wey corridor. The project includes extensive consultation with local residents and stakeholders and a project shop was opened in Swan Walk with a public exhibition and model to provide a focus for debate and comment. The town centre has a rich historic context and a strong local economy and the vision will seek to establish a framework for future improvements. The relationship of the town centre to its natural landscape setting will also be explored as well as the potential of linkages with the University of Surrey. The Town Centre Vision will set out a masterplan for the town centre which will include the removal of the gyratory and creation of new retail frontage to the main street, Onslow Street and the Rive Wey.


Guildford Borough Council


Guildford, Surrey