The Fabric of Place

The Fabric of Place explores how cities, towns and villages can evolve and change by building on their historic form and identity rather than by sacrificing it.

Seventeen case studies document the progression and rationale of major urban projects carried out by Allies and Morrison over the last fifteen years – including London King’s Cross and the Olympic Games and Legacy. The Fabric of Place also sets out the principles and theories that have underpinned individual projects, through a series of essays contributed by individual members of the practice, and observations highlighting the history of urbanism, the tools of contemporary urban practice and specific issues.

The book is not intended as a textbook or primer, but rather as a series of reflections drawn from our direct experience of working with different urban environments, and a record of why and how that work came about. In this respect our concern has always been with the reality of what things are, with the need to understand how places work, and with what we, as designers, can do to support their further evolution.

The book was launched in September 2014 and can be purchased online via RIBA Bookshops.



John G.Ellis, “This little book is an extraordinarily useful and stimulating set of essays, case studies and observations about urbanism. Allies and Morrison are one of the most thoughtful architecture and urban design practices in London, combining a deep understanding of the importance of place and context with skilfully designed contemporary architecture…The Fabric of Place helps unite many of the ideas of New Urbanism with contemporary architecture without getting lost in the style wars between Prince Charles and Lord Rogers.