Hemel Hempstead

The Performing Arts Venue in Hemel Hempstead is at the heart of the masterplan to revitalise the whole town centre including residential mixed-use and civic buildings. The venue has three principal components: a new public square, a new auditorium sitting in the square and active retail frontages which line the public spaces. The scheme takes advantage of the natural slope of the site so that restaurants and cafes enjoy level access to the landscape along the river’s edge.

The 1000-seat auditorium rises up above the square with a glass ‘lantern’ providing the main entrance to the venue creating a presence on the main street. On its western edge, the square becomes both an animated viewing platform, some 5 metres above River Walk, and an external stage, extending the scope of performances. Mixed-use buildings line both the northern and southern edges of the square, whose overall width facilitates pedestrian activity around the shops, but also a range of performance events.


Thornfield Properties plc
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Max Fordham and Partners
Theatre consultant
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Threshold Acoustics


Hemel Hempstead