Nanyuki, Kenya

Allies and Morrison working in collaboration with Arup, the existing Nanyuki Preparatory School and the Oriana Charity, have set out to create sustainable education facilities for disabled, vulnerable and orphaned children in Nanyuki, Kenya.

The Oriana Project’s aim is to create this educational institution to allow the children who reside there to live, play, and learn in one place, together; the school will cater for those with disabilities inclusively, allowing them to fully integrate with their peers. The intention is that the school will give these children, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds, the chance to lead a fulfilling and educational childhood, without the pressures of the outside world.

Allies and Morrison and Arup have developed a self sustainable scheme, harnessing the local abundance of sun and often rain to establish an infrastructural system which uses existing local technologies and building methods with very low maintenance requirements.

The buildings of the site are to be made of compressed earth brick, a local building material, which can be made using the excavated soil from the site, minimising where possible the use of cement, and excluding the need for firing of bricks, which encourages deforestation.

All of the repetitive building types, such as classrooms, dormitories and support buildings are made with a very simple modular building type, allowing them to be easily repeated and ensuring that they are materially economic. In their careful placement they then enclose, frame and shade the surrounding outdoor spaces to create collective communal spaces which essentially are free, but which will be integral in the community life of the school.

The one off and larger span buildings such as the Library and Main Hall, while the walls follow the same construction method as the other buildings on site, the roofs offer an opportunity for a more sculptural form, expressing their individuality and importance in the school.

This project has been run on a voluntary pro-bono basis by a team of up to 30 people at any one time, generously supported by Allies and Morrison.


The Oriana Project


10 acre