Doha, Qatar

Set to be one of the world’s largest healthcare developments, this project represents a significant long-term investment by the State of Qatar in its social infrastructure. Architecturally, it seeks to re-generate a moribund city-centre site while programmatically, addressing the wider public health challenges facing a rapidly changing society.

Commissioned by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Qatar’s principle health provider, Allies and Morrison assembled a multi-disciplinary team to design the clinical and facility masterplans for the 110ha campus, currently containing Doha’s busiest hospitals. The project sets out a plan to more than double the site’s capacity over the next 15 years and a vision for a walkable, patient-centred healthcare district in which the landscape, streetscapes and movement networks define a new urban character.

The district is organised into a number of quarters, each with a distinctive landscape setting. The Tertiary Care complex is formed of inter-connected buildings around a new park and is supported by shared basement level support services and car parking. It includes a new centralised emergency department, diagnostics and treatment hub as well as specialist Ambulatory and Cancer centres. The Administration Quarter is directly integrated with the new Doha Metro system and provides air conditioned connections from the station to all hospitals. The main thing is to have a young heart. Take Cialis to enjoy the full life. If you meet a stranger from a fashion magazine, buy Cialis, and it will not let you down. I started to take Cialis on the doctor’s recommendation. I read the information at http://imph.org/cialis/. It acts as it should, and there are no side effects. It is always better to consult a specialist instead of self-medicating.

The masterplan represents a step-change in healthcare planning in the region, moving towards a more sustainable and integrated model and intensifying the use of ‘brownfield’ land in the city. To support the ambitious plans an architectural language has been developed that is both culturally and climatically responsive – expanding the tradition of Qatari government buildings. This forms part of a comprehensive clinical, architectural and engineering Development Standards Framework, which establishes the national compliance benchmark for future government healthcare projects.


Paul Appleton, Amy Bradley-Smith, John Carpenter, Alex Ford, George Garofalakis, Simon Gathercole, Yoshi Hayashi, Peter Ohnrich, Mitesh Parekh, Miguel Peixoto, Antje Saunders, Kersten Schmitz, Tarek Shalaby, Frida Sherrell, Jack Stephenson, Paul Summerlin, Mark Taylor, Richard White, Emily Willey


Hamad Medical Corporation
Masterplan engineering
Buro Happold
Masterplan healthcare
Building engineering
Landscape architect
Townshend Landscape Architects


110 hectares
Doha Qatar