Bristol / Gloucestershire

The redevelopment of Filton Airfield offers the once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-imagine an iconic piece of Britain’s aeronautic heritage. Filton is famously the home of Concorde, and the Corps in the First World War and RAF Spitfires in the Second and had been an important site for aircraft production in the decades following. Located on the northern edge of Bristol, the 142 hectare site is now being re-imagined. It is being planned to accommodate more than 2,600 homes, three new schools, a new town centre with commercial and leisure spaces and a generous network of open spaces on the site of one of the world’s early airfields. At 3km long, the site is equivalent in scale to Bristol city centre and a key goal of the masterplan is to achieve a balance of compactness and open space for a sustainable urban extension.

There will be a rich variety of architecture across a mix of housing and neighbourhood types, as well as new connections between existing communities which had previously been cut off by the airfield. New infrastructure will include a railway station, MetroBus link and an extensive cycle network. The design proposals build on traces of Filton’s distinct identity as an airfield with the footprint of the runway retained as a central park and the re-imagination of the existing Brabazon and Spitfire hangars as new community and cultural hubs.

The masterplan is set within the wider context of one of the UK’s fastest growing regions, a place attracting many families and businesses to relocate. Filton’s redevelopment will help contribute to the West Country’s economy by providing new places to live and work within easy reach of Bristol. The project also offers a compelling model for urban expansion, demonstrating how a large disused piece of infrastructure can be recycled to make way for a new, thriving community without having to expand a city region’s physical footprint.


YTL Developments UK Ltd
Landscape architect
Grant Associates
Public space and community planning consultant
Gehl People
Peter Brett Associates
Transport planner
Phil Jones Associates
Commercial property consultant
Alder King


142 ha
Filton Airfield, Gloucestershire