Doha, Qatar

An Eid Prayer Ground is an open space for Eid Prayers. Simple public planes, these are solemn places that must accommodate large numbers of congregants. This redevelopment and reconstruction of Doha’s historic Eid Prayer Ground is on a prominent site across from the city’s Al Koot Fort, immediately south of the new National Archive Building (also designed by Allies and Morrison) and adjacent to the Jassim Bin Mohammed House museum to the west.

The ground is a roughly rectilinear plot of approximately 4,000 sqm. The above ground construction included not only the prayer ground itself and the associated Qibla Wall but also screening walls, sun screens, amenities such as public conveniences and drinking fountains, and enhancements such as public art. The project is occasioned by the construction beneath the site of one of the Msheireb central cooling plants.

The design concept is based on the resolution of the site geometries and the contrast between the purity required of a sacred ground and the incidental character of the actual site. The spiritual spaces of the Eid ground is a perfectly level platform set within the irregular rectangle of the site. The interstitial areas between the irregular site boundary and prayer ground contain stairs and ramps, vents, storage space and other amenities. Retractable shading devices provide protection for the northern and southern parts of the Eid ground.


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Doha, Qatar
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