Chris Hughes-Copping

Chris is a talented Model Maker who combines a methodical, highly critical and thoughtful approach to his work. He has a natural aptitude for making and visualising model ideas. He enjoys the combination of traditional ways of make by hand with new technologies.

Chris joined the practice in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Modelmaking from the University of Creative Arts, Rochester. Over the last seven years, he has undertaken an exceptionally wide range of projects. With responsibility for over 300 models, Chris has played an integral part in the design and submission process. Key projects include Two Fifty One, Doha, Westfield, Stratford Waterfront, The Globe, King’s Cross Central, District//S and the Olympics. Chris’s role within the practice has grown to include supporting the day to day running of the Model Workshop. He is also part of the Allies and Morrison Health and Safety team.