Upcoming exhibition: Madinat al Irfan, an Urban Centre in Oman

Our next studio exhibition will open on 20 September, held in association with Bankside Design District at the London Design Festival. Entitled Madinat al Irfan, an Urban Centre in Oman, it will explore the design ideas behind our masterplan for a new city in Oman. It will feature drawings, sketches and models and places the project within the context of the New Urban Agenda, the framework for more liveable cities recently adopted by the United Nations.

As part of the district’s late night, an open house will be held on 20 September to coincide with Bankside Design District Late Night, from 6-9pm.

A formal opening and ‘conversation’ will occur on 21 September, featuring a discussion on the lessons Irfan offers for sustainable urban development in rapidly growing cities with Ricky Burdett, Paul Finch, Arup’s Sowmya Parthasarathy and our own Alfredo Caraballo. Those interested in attending this should email press@alliesandmorrison.com for availability.

Madinat al Irfan, an Urban Centre in Oman will be open to the public, weekdays from 10am-5pm, 20 September until 20 October 2017 at Allies and Morrison, 85 Southwark Street, SE1 0HX.