The architecture of BBC’s Bodyguard

The hit TV show, The Bodyguard, has riveted audiences across the UK over the last few weeks, becoming the most watched new BBC drama in a decade. It also so happens to have featured several cameos of buildings and places designed by Allies and Morrison.

The political action thriller follows the story of a David Budd (played by Richard Madden), a Met Personal Protection Officer assigned to protect a controversial Home Secretary (played by Keeley Hawes). Budd’s superior is Commander Anne Sampson (played by Gina McKee) whose Thames-side office appears recurrently throughout the show and appears to be set in the Blue Fin Building. Street scenes around Bankside suggest that it may be doubling as the Met’s new HQ.

When things get touchy for the Home Secretary, she takes up residence in a plush boutique hotel, the imaginary Blackwood Hotel, a role played by our very own South Place Hotel near Liverpool Street Station. By the last episode, with the title character fighting both for his life and his reputation, the climax unfolds in Citypoint, starring the new public realm improvements recently delivered by the practice.