Recently Completed: One Paved Court

Paved Court is a modest lane of mostly early Georgian shops and houses sited immediately off Richmond Green, in south-west London. One Paved Court, the earliest building in the street and until recently a carpet shop, has now been transformed into a small artists’ gallery and studios. The new gallery is home to three resident artists who, together with one of Allies and Morrison’s partners, offer an alternative to the conventional commercial art gallery model: an artist-led art space.

Vacant since 2006, nearly all of its original interior detail had been lost. Consequently, the decision was taken to remove entirely the existing 1970’s interior to reveal the shell of the original Georgian building to expose the layers of its eighteenth and nineteenth century history. The gallery is set over four levels: a basement workspace with WC and kitchenette; an attic level studio; and a ground and first floor open and flexible exhibition space.

New interventions are as few as possible, to repair the fabric and to nudge it into its new role. Some are simple representations of what might once have existed, such as the turned oak handrails and whist painted balusters; others are discrete, furniture-like additions, such as two white bookcase-balustrades.

Perhaps the most surprising discovery was an intact half-timber-and-brick party wall, previously concealed behind a much later chimney breast. A large brick archway, one connecting the building with a rear yard was uncovered, repaired and left exposed. The hope is that exhibiting artists will respond directly to the building, a hope which has been fulfilled in an extraordinarily innovative and varied programme of exhibitions, since opening.


Visit One Paved Court’s website to discover its programme of exhibitions and projects.