Marlborough College has opened Dancy House, a new residence to accommodate 70 female students, designed by Allies and Morrison. Its opening coincides with the fiftieth year of girls attending the College and is named after the Master who was in position when it first welcomed girls. The project is enabling Marlborough to increase the proportions of females in education.

Set within the historic grounds of the old Bailey of Marlborough Castle, Dancy House continues the pattern of high-quality architecture along Bath Road. Its form arranges itself around an external garden to reduce long circulation routes and encourage a visual relationship, and thus social interaction, between spaces. It is intended to be used as a home in the fullest sense of the word, allowing a space for a careful transition for the teenage residents from their private family homes to a shared one by providing a variety of spaces that allow for flexibility in configuration.

Dancy House is the first of two projects for which Allies and Morrison has been commissioned at the College as part of a wider placemaking strategy. The practice is now also working on proposals for the new Science Department.