In-depth: Offices that work

Under the theme of ‘London Refocused’, the 2017 British Council of Offices (BCO) Annual Conference occurs this month. As a practice working on a number of commercial projects across London, it provides an opportunity to learn from this diverse portfolio.

The conference’s programme echoes this range of work with a number of tours planned across London including areas where our projects have either been built or are coming into shape:

Whether a masterplan for a new urban quarter or an individual new building, we have found that the best office developments are more than just a place of work. They need to be places where people want to be, to enjoy, to socialise, to have a rest or even take in a breath of fresh air. For client and occupiers alike, for both the environment and the city, these are offices that work.

Partners Jo Bacon and Alex Wraight are attending this year’s conference.