First Central Park Royal Gets the Go Ahead

The Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) has granted planning permission to First Central Park Royal, an exciting housing project being designed by Allies and Morrison for Fairview and L&Q.

Set on the location of the former 1930s-era Guinness Brewery – since demolished in 2005 – the design of the buildings takes cues from the Brewery’s early modèrne industrial brick architecture and the wider historical context of London mansion blocks.

Three contemporary brick courtyard blocks frame new garden squares to create a new high density neighbourhood. which will have 807 homes. The southern block is anchored by a brick-clad residential tower that signals the new neighbourhood in the skyline, creating a new landmark along Coronation Road in the Old Oak and Park Royal Opportunity Area. The orientation and morphology of the buildings maximises the setting of the wider First Central site and the lake which sits at its heart. Designed for a mix of family types with units up to three bedrooms each, a third of the new homes are classified as affordable.