Falaj to city: Water Systems of the Gulf’s Oases

Allies and Morrison is hosting an exhibition, Falaj to City: Water Systems of the Gulf’s Oases, from 30 January to 17 February at our Southwark Street studios. The exhibit presents a study of the falaj, a longstanding water irrigation system that has helped to nourish communities across the Arabian Peninsula.

Applied over centuries of development, the falaj have become not just an important means of irrigating agriculture in a harsh climate, but places where public and private realms move, facilitating exchange and interaction. Through a series of models, the display illustrates how and where falaj occur at different scales, from a single settlement to a whole city.

Our interest in the falaj as a typology developed out of our work on the masterplan for Madinat al Irfan, a new city in Oman. A contemporary falaj system is incorporated into the urban design of the city, helping to nourish both urban agriculture and recreational opportunities.

Falaj to City is a collaboration between Cultural Engineering and Allies and Morrison. On view to the public from 10am-5pm, weekdays, from 30 Jan – 17 Feb at Allies and Morrison, 85 Southwark Street, London SE1 0HX.