The Low Line follows the routes of existing raised railway lines from Waterloo to Bermondsey, Blackfriars to Elephant and Castle. A unique and rapidly changing ribbon of infrastructure in London, this thread of Victorian railway arches traverses and binds homes, cultural institutions, green spaces, several of London’s major transport hubs, business districts, high streets and areas of past industry, representing a microcosm of London itself.
Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners and Hatch Regeneris have been commissioned to study the current condition of the Low Line’s townscape, exploring who lives and works around it to set out a strategy for improvements that can guide investment and future sustainable development working towards the delivery of a new piece of shared public realm, the Low Line. In so doing, new and improved walking connections will be identified along the bases of viaducts, as will opportunities for activating public spaces.
As a practice, we are excited about this opportunity. The Low Line is in our neighbourhood. It offers the potential to physically, economically and emotionally connect the diverse communities that span its length, including our own studios. Having started work in February 2019, our research is getting under the skin of the Low Line. This work will underpin principles and guidance for the arches and nearby development in the future. A final report covering all analysis and resulting guidelines will be published in June 2019.