Competition win at Nieuw Zuid, Antwerp

A collaborative team of DRDH and Allies and Morrison has won a competition for a 24 storey residential tower and office building in Antwerp, for leading Belgian developer Triple Living. One of two towers being commissioned, the scheme was selected in limited competition by a jury including the city architect Christian Rapp.

The project will mark the centre of Nieuw Zuid masterplan, an urban extension in the south of the city, being constructed by the developer along the west bank of the River Schelde.

The building itself comprises two elements: a horizontal form of a four-storey office building establishes one side of a street culminating in a tower, the principal corner of which addresses a new market square and a main urban boulevard that runs through the development. Rising up this corner, a series of special apartments are arranged on a split 3:2 section, their tall living spaces looking back to the historic centre and the distant horizon of the North Sea. The building has a façade of brick set behind a deep, trabeated, structure of pre-cast concrete elements. This adjusts on each face to address the particularities of the tower’s place, between city, river and new park.

This is Allies and Morrison’s first project in Belgium.