Cities for tomorrow: from London to Beijing

Bob Allies has participated in an exchange between London and Beijing as part of Beijing Design Week. Organised by Design Collective London, Bob joined representatives of several different practices and studios from London to take part in the City for Tomorrow Conference. The intent of the conference is to bring talent and teams from London’s design, strategy and branding communities in order to help Beijing shape a better urban future; there was a range of participants from urban planners Space Syntax to architects Studio Egret West and place branding consultants Passion Fish.

At the three day conference, part of which took place in the atmospheric surroundings of the Ming Dynasty Fahai and Ciyun Temples in Moshikou, Bob delivered a presentation on ‘Urban Practice Now’ sharing the practice’s experience on major brownfield regeneration and post-industrial sites in London illustrating parallels with similar conditions which exist in Beijing. The conference was attended by representatives from Beijing’s design and creative industries, together with representatives of local governments and mayoral associations, and key urban decision makers from across the country.

While in Beijing, Bob was also a guest of College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Peking University where he delivered the lecture Designing Relationships: the Architecture and Urbanism of Allies and Morrison to the College’s post-graduate students and teaching faculty.


Photographs courtesy David West (Studio Egret West) and Linda Swidenbank (Passion Fish).