Baubles and Snowflakes on Southwark Street: The 2017 Christmas Window

2017 marks the fourth year of the Allies and Morrison Christmas Window and we’re delighted to unveil two new designs that now decorate our studio window at 85 Southwark Street for the festive season. Across the long space normally used for exhibitions, are 700 baubles suspended from the ceiling in an installation conceived by our Gala Urroz and David Trujillo. After a practice-wide competition, the baubles design was selected for its conceptual simplicity, and visual impact. The design involves the transparent baubles being lit each from within as the light fades during the evening, evolving into multi-coloured star-like spheres, engaging the whole room and creating a seasonal impression on the street.

A second installation then offers a re-interpretation of the Christmas motif of the snowflake, created by Maria Spada. Her design utilises the plans from significant international buildings to create patterns for architectural snowflakes. Each one represents an important piece of architecture from the nationalities represented in the practice. Architectural nominations poured in from around the practice, from Berlin to Brasil, reflecting our diverse family and their experience of architecture. Twenty structures resembling snowflakes were finally selected, and have been constructed from translucent material and now hang in the entrance of the building.