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With the seasons changing quickly, the feeling of summer has been prolonged with the arrival of Farnham Place Street Food Market. Occurring on Wednesdays in the open lane behind our studios, the market is attracting the studio and our neighbours to market stalls and ten pink tables that occupy pride of place between our permanent street furniture. The buzzing atmosphere, the sound of sizzling food and animated conversations has brought life to the space for the community to come together over an ever changing menu featuring foods from places as diverse as Brazil, Greece and Sri Lanka. Farnham Place Street Food Market expands the neighbourhood’s alfresco food scene and continues our contribution to creating a new public space.

So far, the market has received positive feedback from traders and visitors alike. Traders are reporting positively on the footfall to the market, which has been an incentive for many to return and to extend their usual offers to include vegetarian options. Whilst those in the practice now look forward to the weekly event, pinning it down in their calendars.

The weekly jour fixe is up every Wednesday from 12-3pm.  All our proceeds (40%) are being donated to Southwark Foodbank.