We are backing the AJ RetroFirst campaign. Launched at the annual Retrofit Awards in September 2019, the campaign calls on the government to prioritise the reuse of old buildings before rebuilding in three key areas: tax, procurement and policy.

Announcing our support, Partner Paul Appleton says: “If the cave dwellers of Lascaux had, instead of painting its walls, filled in their cave only to dig another, such apparent madness would have been just like the way we behave towards existing structures today. The throw-away society starts by discarding its richest assets; the ground on which we walk and the buildings we inhabit. The act of constructing a building is so difficult, the environmental cost so large and the cultural effect of occupying it so charged, that we should value those which exist as much as we value the land on which they are built.”

A number of our completed projects involve the recycling of existing buildings, including The Crane BuildingThe Westworks at White City Place and the van Hasselt Centre at Cranleigh School.