100 Bishopsgate at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

We are delighted to reveal that a drawing of 100 Bishopsgate has been selected for the Architecture Gallery at this year’s Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Created by our Alex Teoh, the drawing is a magnified piece of a 3-D sectional isometric composition of the facade, structural steel framing and MEP service models. Framed and measuring 68cm x 92cm, the drawing is an extract from the construction coordination process where building elements are routinely reviewed selectively in three dimensions.

As the project progresses, we capture images such as this so we can understand the relationships and complexities of the design in its entirety. Generated from software, this particular image is striking in how it reveals both a structure to what may otherwise appear chaotic, as well as a process of interrogating the composition at macro and micro levels.


The 2017 Summer Exhibition will be open to the public from 13 June to 20 August at the Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BD, daily, Sat-Thu from 10am-6pm and on Fridays with extended evening hours from 10am-10pm.