Ashden Awards 2017: Celebrating sustainable energy innovation

Allies and Morrison is delighted to have been included in the 2017 Ashden Awards longlist. The Ashden Awards recognise organisations that make a positive contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in the work they do, whether in the UK or overseas. Forty-eight entities in total, from public sector bodies to community initiatives to consultancies and companies, have been recognised. The longlist can be found here.

Ashden is a ‘charity that champions and supports the leaders in sustainable energy to accelerate the transition to a low carbon world’.

The distinction recognises our diverse project range, from a new low-carbon city in Oman to high-performance buildings for clients such as universities or commercial developers to proposing ways to reuse existing infrastructure. This small contribution to tomorrow’s low carbon world is guided by a ‘sustainability as longevity’ approach, resulting in buildings and places that are built to last, which are able to adapt to future ecological, programmatic and social changes.

We offer our congratulations to the all the great organisations on the list.

Image by John Sturrock / Argent.