10 x 10 Brixton: 100 Translated Spaces

Allies and Morrison’s Siu Lon Liu and Anna Gibb are participating in this year’s Article 25 10 x 10 London charity auction. An annual fixture of London’s architectural scene, the auction features drawings from designers and artists of places around London. Article 25 uses the proceeds to oversee the construction of safe, appropriate buildings in the developing world.

This year’s 10 x 10 focuses on Brixton with the theme of ‘100 Translated Spaces’ to illustrate the history and unique character of one of London’s most vibrant and diverse communities. This year, those drawing have been asked to focus on the more human aspects of the area rather than focussing on buildings as objects.

Siu Lon’s work, Brixton Rec, celebrates George Finch’s Grade II-listed Brixton Rec. The much-loved recreation centre is a fixture of community life. Anna’s drawing, Brixistane, refers to the medieval name for Brixton. It reflects on Brixton of today by weaving in its past with its rich history of windmills, steam trains, the first electric street lighting, the arrival of the Windrush in 1948 up to the Brixton of today.