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Allies and Morrison hosted an exhibition, Falaj to City: Water Systems of the Gulf’s Oases, from 30 January to 17 February 2017 at our Southwark Street studios. The exhibit presented a study of the falaj, a longstanding water irrigation system that has helped to nourish communities across the Arabian Peninsula.

Applied over centuries of development, the falaj have become not just an important means of irrigating agriculture in a harsh climate, but places where public and private realms move, facilitating exchange and interaction. Through a series of models, the display illustrated how and where falaj occur at different scales, from a single settlement to a whole city.

Our interest in the falaj as a typology developed our of our work on the masterplan for Madinat al Irfan, a new city in Oman. A contemporary falaj system is incorporated into the urban design of the city, helping to nourish both urban agriculture and recreational opportunities.

Falaj to City was a collaboration between Cultural Engineering, Case Design and Allies and Morrison.


Allies and Morrison hosted The Oriana Project exhibition at our Southwark Street Studios throughout August 2016. The exhibit explored the architecture of a boarding house in Kenya for disabled and disadvantaged children, which has been designed by the practice.

The Nanyuki Preparatory School is an existing school in central Kenya looking to expand and secure its future while providing expanded boarding facilities. Working with a registered charity headed by Peter and Emmeline Carr, Allies and Morrison and Arup have jointly designed a new home for the school. The new campus has been designed on a pro-bono basis.

The project, included site visits by both Allies and Morrison and Arup staff. These initiated the design process, developed the brief through conversations and workshops with teachers, pupils and other relevant stakeholders. It also involved the recording of locally available materials and building traditions, which inspired our contextually-sensitive design. An extensive team from across the practice then prepared a thorough and comprehensive architectural response.


For the 2016 London Festival of Architecture, Allies and Morrison hosted an exhibition at our studios, jointly organised with the British Council. Entitled Streets of Doha, it focused on the investigations and outputs of the ten day Unlimited Doha Design Prize (UDDP) residency convened by the British Council in March 2016. The initiative brought together young design talent from the UK and Gulf States to collaborate on an urban design challenge.

Participants in the UDDP were tasked with developing proposals that would enhance accessibility in the Doha Al Jadeeda and Al Ghanam neighbourhoods in inner Doha. They used the emerging quarter of Msheireb Downtown Doha, widely considered an exemplar for sustainable urban development in the region, as a case study to learn from.

After a period of intense observation, much of it out in the streets of old Doha, design residents formed four teams to develop their design ideas.

Streets of Doha presents the findings of design residents, including their observations of Msheireb Downtown Doha, Doha Al Jadeeda and Al Ghanem, along with the schemes developed by each of the four teams.


We hosted an exhibition of architectural drawings by Ian Sutherland from his 26 years with the practice as part of London Design Festival.

The exhibition displayed a range of Ian’s drawings, from early hand sketches which were presented in their original raw state – with scratching out, corrections and setting out marks and accompanied by pencil underlays – to later large-scale prints generated from computer models.

Some of the original equipment used to make works were also on display.


Now running for ten years, we host an annual exhibition in our gallery that is a showcase of staff creativity. The 2015 instalment, under the theme of ‘Making’, featured a wide range of skills: woodwork, ceramics, sewing, knitting, jewellery, metalwork, millinery, leather work and textile design.

Selected wares were displayed in a cabinet of curiosities, a deep wall with both internal and projected spaces and surfaces, which was built by the in-house Modelshop.

30 Years Allies and Morrison

To mark our 30th Anniversary celebrations, we held a retrospective of the practice’s work and history over the years.

A mixed media installation explored key milestones of the practice including the joining of Allies and Morrison with Urban Practitioners in 2011, the move to our new home in 85 Southwark Street, key projects, awards and publications, the 2012 London Olympics and the people of Allies and Morrison. Capping it off, a striking sculptural block of the number 30 broadcast our birthday to passers-by

SE1: Allies and Morrison

We hosted an exhibition that illustrated Allies and Morrison’s contribution to our home borough Southwark area and the SE1 postcode. Working in our neighbourhood has given the practice many opportunities and is an important part of our identity and portfolio.

The exhibition presented all our built, planned and prospective architectural projects in the context of the broad range of ongoing developments, most of which can be found around Bankside, Southbank, London Bridge, Blackfriars Road and Elephant and Castle through an elevated wooden map of SE1 set within the wider context London represented by a River Thames running across the entire foyer floor.

NLA Great Estates

Allies and Morrison was part of the “NLA Insight into Tall Buildings in London” exhibition at the Building Centre.

Images, models and interactive displays examined the impact of the growth of tall buildings in the capital, looking at where the growth was taking place, what key organisations have to say about the tall building policies and how the planning system was responding. Many of our projects were featured including Wood Wharf and 100 Bishopsgate.

Urban thinking before and after 2012

We have been deeply involved in London 2012 and the ongoing legacy development since the original preparation of London’s successful bid for the Games in 2003 and in the Autumn of 2013 we presented an exhibition that summarised Allies and Morrison’s contribution.

Three large plinths (each representing 2006, 2012 and 2024 respectively) displayed drawings, models, photographs, reports and sketches illustrating the range of work undertaken both for the Games and Legacy. Three big banners depicted the phases masterplans as a triptych hung in the ground floor windows of our 85 Southwark Studios.


link to London 2012
link to London Legacy

Hydroponic Window

Green Sky Thinking is a yearly London event which showcases sustainable design in relation to current building challenges. Our Hydroponic Window exhibit was part of the 2012 programme, forming the backdrop for a week-long series of talks surrounding water re-use. Produced using drink bottles discarded by colleagues and scrapped insulation material, edible plants such as rosemary, thyme, chives and viola flowers were supported and irrigated using re-circulated water and nutrients, the display also provided a peaceful and scented feature along our 85 studio ground floor space.